How do 6 figure
do it?

Discover how to fill your athlete rosters & get FREEDOM with my 6 Figure Steps blueprint. Master these 4 steps to go from struggling coach to unstoppable & profitable business owner!!!

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    Michelle Lake

    Endurance Business Coach

    Who am I?

    I am Coach Michelle Lake, a 14+ year Endurance Coach and head coach/owner of Fiv3 Racing. I started this business after building Fiv3 Racing to where I coached my full time load of athletes in 10-15 hours a week with over 6 figures in revenue yearly. I have now also helped over 90 coaches grow their businesses!

    What will you learn?

    • The 4 Six Figure Steps
    • How to grow your business while not crushing yourself
    • Lessons from several case studies of coaches that have BLOWN up their businesses in the last several years
    • What's working, where to focus